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The first paddle course in Sweden

Did you know that Sweden's first paddle course was actually established on the Bjäre Peninsula as early as 1998.  

Time has passed and since then the sport has grown enormously. 


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Playing paddle in Båstad?

Padel is a sport that takes the world by storm. The Bjäre Peninsula is no exception, more and more players are establishing themselves here and we have also had the opportunity to host the Swedish Padel Open. Maybe you can talk about a Calle Knutsson effect or not, Kalle is one of Sweden's best paddle players and also comes from Båstad. On this page you will find players who offer paddle games. 

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Båstad Padel, the station

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Now with new nice paddle courts indoors at Båstad station. 

Centralen Båstad AB is an operating company that operates the new modern paddle property in Båstad at the Railway Station. The plot consists of 3 outdoor courts with lighting and stylish lounge.

Environments. Indoors, there are 3 floors (2300 sqm) which in addition to 5 paddle courts in a sober environment and 12 meters in ceiling also have a bistro with lounge on 2 levels, reception, shop as well as conference and office premises and a gym with passport rooms run by Nordic Wellness. Welcome to Centralen and Båstad Padel.

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Båstad Padelklubb

Best Padel Player!

We built our first course in Båstad harbor in 2009. From here, the paddle spread further in Sweden.

The course in the harbor is owned by Båstad Padelklubb. We would like you to become a member and then get several good offers to be able to book the course at a good price.

Feel free to follow ours facebook group for more information and news

Our fine course is well protected from the dominant wind directions, but during spring and autumn there will be precipitation from the surrounding trees. Be out in good time so you can get the course clean before games. There is an aluminum box inside the track in which there is a leaf blower. Use it to minimize damage to yourself and the track. When playing in minus degrees, the risk of the glass breaking increases and therefore it is forbidden to play then.

Regards, The Board.

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Båstad-based Deportista is the small and personal upstart in the sports travel industry. With ten years of local roots in Spanish Alicante, they tailor your company, club team or group of friends' unforgettable sports trip to the sunny Costa Blanca. Padel is the hottest thing right now, but you can also choose to indulge in tennis, golf, yoga, running, cycling, hiking or water activities.

Sportsman is Spanish and means athlete or athlete. We at Deportista are convinced that there is an athlete living within all of us. In addition, we know how important it is for everyone to get physical movement and challenges for the body to feel good.

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Norrvikens Kust Tennis & Padel Club, Padel Zenter Båstad

2 Tennis courts with Clay Tech base and the latest ceramic gravel that makes the courts virtually maintenance-free. 2 Adidas Padel tracks with the latest technology in construction on padel tracks, all in harmony with nature.

Course to play paddle booked at: www.matchi.se

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Padel track at Båstad Sportcenter

If you want to book a paddle course, you can do so via online booking or contact the reception on telephone 0431-68500.

Member price SEK 200 / h, non-member SEK 340 / h. It is also possible to book training, 0767-910111, SEK 500 / h + course rent. 

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Xbowl Padel

Banhyra - 200: - Hours

Rack rental -35: - hour 

Ball rental - SEK 25 The racket and balls are also available for purchase in the shop. 

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