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Båstad is a fantastic place in northwestern Skåne located on the Bjäre Peninsula and the north side of Hallandsåsen.

Russian warships & fire

Already during the 1400th century, Båstad functioned as a market town. The expansion continued during the 1500th century and in 1664 Båstad became a "city spot". Then they were allowed to run urban industries such as crafts, retail, hawkery and inn. In 1788, during the battle of Båstad, the town was bravely defended against Russian warships. In 1858, Båstad became a köping and twelve years later, in 1870, the köping was hit by a severe fire that wiped out two thirds of society.

Bathers & Hotels

It was a tough time for the people of Bjäre, but eventually something happened that would change the lives of many in the area. Bathers came. Gradually, hotels and summer villas for rent were added. The seaside resort attracted many visitors and during a very expansive period in the early 1900th century, Ludvig Nobel established himself in Båstad. He bought land and had roads, sewers and infrastructure built in the western part of the town. Båstad created bathing history with the first cold bathing house at the end of the 1800th century. Today, a new bathhouse stands on the same site and many visitors and locals come here and enjoy sauna baths and an icy winter dip in the sea.


At one of the village's squares located next to the church there are a number of small shops, cafes, a tennis museum, restaurants and proximity to the harbor and tennis stadium where the Swedish Open is played every year. The tournament is among the oldest tennis tournaments in the world as it was established as an international tournament as early as 1948 through a collaboration between Båstad Malens Tennissällskap (BMTS) and the Swedish Tennis Association (SvTF). Since then, the tournament has been held every year in uninterrupted succession. Voted by the players since 2002 on the ATP Tour as the best

Märta & Birgit

Båstad has a varied range of culture. Film festival, galleries, design farms and various kinds of crafts. Birgit Nilsson, who was one of the greatest opera singers of the 1900th century, grew up in the middle of Bjäre, in the village of Svenstad. Here the family farm is beautifully nestled between hills and pastures. The farm is today a museum, according to Birgit's wishes, where memories from childhood and the incomparable opera career are preserved. Märta Måås Fjetterström started her own textile workshop in 1919 on Agardhsgatan in Båstad, and is still a studio and shop for textile art.

Båstad as a name

How the name Båstad came about is something that has been discussed for a long time. Botzestede or Bothstede means mooring. Gradually, the spelling has changed. In a royal letter in 1558 concerning the construction of a brick kiln, the spelling is Bodstede. In a letter from the year 1569, "Lundhs Stifhts Landeborg" Baadstad writes. Over the years, the spelling has changed so that it became more and more similar to Båstad.


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