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Company of the Year

The prize is awarded by Båstad Turism & Näringsliv. The company must be a good ambassador for Båstad municipality and operate within the municipality. The price focuses on the business and the criteria below are indicative. The company must:

This year's nomination is closed. 


Ambassador of the Year

The prize is awarded by Swedbank.

The prize must be given to an entrepreneur, individual or
organization which in its deed and its commitment has been a good ambassador and
model for Båstad municipality.

Nominate yourself, your own company or someone else's company for the Ambassador of the Year award. Has previously attended Hasse Andersson, Swedish Open, Birgit Nilsson Museum, Erik Paulsson, Gustav & Ulla Kraitz, Akademi Båstad Polytechnic.



Entrepreneur of the Year

The prize is part of the Erik Paulsson Scholarship.
This year's contractor at Bjäre is awarded to contractors operating in Bjäre, Ängelholm and Båstad municipalities.

Store of the Year

The prize is awarded by Bjäre NU.

The winner of this year's store will be a physical store in Båstad municipality.
Through innovative thinking and a good business sense, the store has created added value for its customers and for the Bjäre Peninsula.

The store strives for high availability, has a clear profile, is innovative and creates shopping pleasure.

The store's staff act exemplary in terms of service and treatment and strive for experiences and added value beyond what is expected.


Lindab's innovation award

The prize is awarded to a company, a person or an organization and it must go to a product or service that is both innovative and sustainable, can be used in practice and provide socio-economic benefit. The prize includes a scholarship of SEK 30 and the winner is selected by a jury with representatives from Lindab. With this award, we want to encourage businesses and people and give them opportunities for continued innovative thoughts and ideas.

The nominations are open to all industries and anyone can be named the winner.

Nolato price

Appointed by Båstad Municipality.

Awarded for best sports performance in Båstad municipality. The prize can also be awarded to prominent association leaders active in the municipality. The spirit of the award is to encourage and reward young people, who have their roots in the municipality, to good sports performance.
The prize goes to young people who grew up in the municipality and have developed their skills with the help of sports life here. 

The Nolato prize consists of a scholarship of SEK 10.

The cultural scholarship

Appointed by Båstad Municipality. 

Båstad's cultural scholarship is awarded to enable education or further education in different cultural areas such as literature, art, music, theater, dance, photography, film, journalism, arts and crafts, architecture, local history care or other comparable areas.

Culture prize and culture scholarship are awarded to a person who is active in or has another
special connection to the municipality.

The Youth Leader Award

Appointed by Båstad Municipality.

The purpose of a youth leader award is to stimulate the youth leaders in non-profit associations in the municipality. The award is intended for youth leaders living in Båstad municipality and active in local associations in the municipality. The prize can be awarded to youth leaders who have put in many years of successful work to promote the development of children and young people.
The prize can be shared between two or more youth leaders.

The youth leader award consists of a scholarship of SEK 10.

The environmental award

Appointed by Båstad Municipality.

The environmental prize is awarded for meritorious efforts in the environmental area that lead to a better environment. The prize can be awarded to an individual, a company or an organization based in or with a special connection to the municipality. The price consists of an amount of SEK 10.

The purpose of the municipality's environmental award is to promote initiatives that lead to the development of the municipality, improvement of our common environment and / or innovations that strengthen one or more areas that the national environmental goals point out as important.

This year's UF Company

Appointed by Båstads Företagsby.

The Architecture Prize

Appointed by Båstad Municipality. 

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