By Båstad Tourism & Business

By Båstad Tourism & Business

Nature reserve on the Bjäre Peninsula

On the Bjäre Peninsula, there are twelve nature reserves to visit.
There is a genuine interest in the countryside for nature in particular.

Nature reserves are managed and formed by the County Administrative Board to preserve biological diversity, care for and preserve valuable natural environments or to meet the need for outdoor areas. If you want to know more about nature reserves, you can find it here. For a map of the nature reserves click here .

Axelstorp's forests

The walking area consists of beech forest as well as swamp forests and streams. On several stretches the streams rush forward and in the steep slope down to Sinarpsdalen you can see magnificent brook ravines with steep rock walls and a small waterfall. 

Bjärekusten nature reserve, including Hovs Hallar

In this reserve you will find pebble beaches and solitary fields, viewpoints such as Knösen and Skåne's largest burial mound, Dagshög. Grazing animals have lived here for 5000 years and the traces of ancient inhabitants are many. If you want to add a little luxury to this reserve, Torekov Hotell och Hotel & Restaurang Hovs Hallar offers fantastic accommodation in the middle of the reserve where you can easily combine your stay with good food and drink.

The valley of England

Just above Norrvikens Trädgårdar, this area is located in hilly terrain. Across the bedrock is a steep side ravine with a small stream at the bottom. Up to 30 meter high rock walls in the fissure valley. The Skåneleden trail passes through the area.

Grevie Åsar

Also called Grevie Backar. Many ancient remains mainly dated from the Iron Age. The vegetation on the ridges has developed through grazing for a very long time without fertilization. Here you will find gray fibula, thyme, horsetail and tar flowers.

Hallands Väderö

A tour boat from Torekov operates on Hallands Väderö during the summer. The island is a popular tourist destination and has nice beaches. On the southeast side there is a large bird sanctuary in which Vinga also cuts and some small rocky islands are included. Sea otters, gray otters, gulls and laughing gulls nest there, but also various terns and guinea pigs.

Korup with Älemossen and Lya ljunghed

On the height plateau of Hallandsåsen, 180 meters above sea level, are remnants of the ancient natural and cultural landscape that once covered most of the ridge. A walk through the reserve shows the beautiful nature with field lands, heather moors and one of southwest Sweden's few raised bogs.


In deciduous forest-covered slopes north of Varegården, down towards Sinarpsdalen, Lyadalen lies like a transverse fissure valley.

Stora Hults field / beach

The landscape on the Bjäre Peninsula is strongly cultural and the coastal lands have probably been grazed for thousands of years. The field is a remnant of such a pasture that belonged to the village Stora Hult. The soil in the reserve is sandy and the vegetation consists for the most part of a dry to healthy grassland.

Southern Bjärekusten

The nature reserve Södra Bjärekusten stretches from Torekov to Stora Hult and is located in one of Sweden's oldest cultural areas on old outcrops. You can read more about the different nature reserves here.

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