Business party 2020

The entire 11 prize was awarded in the beautiful orangery at Norrviken. UF Company of the Year, Båstad Municipality's Culture Prize, Company of the Year, Entrepreneur of the Year, Båstad Municipality's Environmental Award, Youth Leader Award, Lindab's Innovation Award, Nolato Award, Store of the Year, Integration Award and Ambassador of the Year were awarded.

Company of the Year

Fittings & design

With a determined and successful work of developing products well adapted to the customer's needs and wishes, we have over a long period of time created a very good development, sales and profitability. In product development, great innovation ability is shown, where quality, functionality and design are success factors. The company's spirit is characterized by curiosity, interest and a desire to be at the forefront of development and design.
The company is a fine role model, which shows that it is possible to start, grow and develop your company with continued residence in Bjäre.

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Nolato price

Linnea Johansson

Motivation: “With great focus and a clear goal in sight, Linnéa Johansson has risen straight into the golf world. Golfgymnasium led to college golf in the USA and after two years as a professional on the Symetra Tour, Linnéa passed the qualification for the LPGA. Now she represents Båstads Golfklubb in golf's highest league for professional ladies. ”

Lindab's Innovation Award

Båstad Makerspace

Lindab's newly established innovation award went to Båstad makerspace.

Entrepreneur of the Year

Vejby Vineyard

Other nominees were Soeder Countryhouse, and the Scala Cinema.

The Culture Prize

Amanda and Adina Romare

Motivation: “Amanda and Adina Romare highlight an important issue among young people and all of us that is about mental illness and life. With perseverance and focus, they have created a web series based on a book written by Amanda Romare, where the question of the human psyche, of life and death is addressed in a way that is empathetic, accessible and credible to the target group. "

The environmental award

Mantalsbackens Eko, Ann-Marie and Lennart Johnsson

Motivation: "For meritorious and inspiring efforts that show that with simple means and local commitment it is possible to contribute to increased biodiversity and the environmental goal A rich plant and animal life."

The environmental award

Milena Bergquist

Motivation: "For meritorious and inspiring efforts that show that with simple means and local commitment it is possible to contribute to increased biodiversity and the environmental goal A rich plant and animal life."

Ambassador of the Year

Gustav and Ulla Kraitz

Motivation: This year's ambassador has made a strong impression on the Bjäre Peninsula, in the country and in large parts of the world. For many decades, working with the countryside as a starting point and achieving international success has been shown by this year's ambassador.
With a long-term commitment to take their works to Beijing, New York, Berlin, Washington and many other cities while succeeding in running local art projects and creating an experience for both visitors and Båstad residents, this year's ambassador has greatly contributed to developing Båstad municipality and the Bjäre Peninsula.
This year's ambassador has strived to spread the interest in art, created a place for art in the municipality and been good ambassadors for the area through his exhibitions and works of art around the world.

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The Youth Leader Award

Carina Eriksson and Marie Hildingsson, Grevie GIK

This year's UF

UF Florel

Winners of the UF company of the year were Elvira Paulsson and Flora Johansson, who run the UF company Florel Design.

This year's store

Le Visage Båstad

Visage in Båstad was named Store of the Year. Other finalists were Ridersport and Magasinet in Båstad.

The integration price

Language café in Båstad's library

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Business party 2021

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Karin Bengtsson, Båstad Tourism & Business

Pathricia Hansson, Båstad Turism & Näringsliv

Johanna Engberg, Petite Olivia

Linda Andersson, Hotell & Spa Lögnäs Gård

Lars Andersson, Hotell & Spa Lögnäs Gård

Daniel Olsson, Invest Group & Workout is passion

Ida B Olsson, Invest Group & Workout is passion

Paul Rösth, KattvikDesign

Ylva Grip Rösth, KattvikDesign

Bengt Nilsson, Hammerglass AB

Mia Nilsson, Hammerglass AB

Camilla Sandberg, Hammerglass AB

Susanne Hansen, Fastighetsbyrån Båstad AB

Linnéa Bjering, Fastighetsbyrån Båstad AB

Amanda Hagen, Fastighetsbyrån Båstad AB

Sofia Rahmn, Fastighetsbyrån i Båstad AB

Lennart Johnsson, Logistik & Transportbolaget i Båstad AB

Margaretha Johnsson, Logistik & Transportbolaget i Båstad AB

Thomas Svensk, Catorna Fastighets AB

Maria Svensk, Catorna Fastighets AB

Carl-Johan Berthilsson, CJ Fastigheter AB

Lövkrona Ljunggren, Norrviken Utveckling AB

Camilla Berthilsson, Norrviken Utveckling AB

Jeanette Nilsson, Norrviken Utveckling AB

Camilla Svensson, Norrviken Utveckling AB

Louise Dock, Louise Dock AB

Emma Finnhult, Gårdskampen

Ida Carlström, Gårdskampen

Johanna Engberg, Petite Olivia

Max Balci, Max power halland economic association

Hans Lanner, Lanner & Co

Ingrid Persson Skog, Language Guide

Gunilla Hovenäs, Hovenäs Technology & Digital Design

Per Henrysson, Kattviks Fruktodling AB

Malin Henrysson, Kattviks Fruktodling AB

Philip Malmberg, Kattviks Fruktodling AB


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