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Connect Scania

Connect is a non-profit association whose goal is to help develop growth companies. Through voluntary efforts, Connect wants to bring together entrepreneurs with financial, technical and business development resources. This increases the entrepreneur's conditions for growing and achieving success in the market. In other words, growth is created in society. Connect is aimed at you who are an entrepreneur and have growth potential. Connect is aimed at more mature companies that have the ambition to grow and develop the business. Through non-profit efforts in our network, we can offer free efforts for you.

Grow Internationally

Sweden is one of the world's leading export countries with an export share corresponding to almost 50 percent of the country's GDP. Business Sweden's goal is to make it easier for Swedish companies to grow internationally with the task of identifying opportunities for small and…

EU program

Region Skåne offers help for those who want to apply for funding from the EU's structural funds and programs.

At skane.com you will find important EU information. Among other things, how you best go about applying for money from the EU's various programs, what selection criteria

Buy / sell companies

Buying or taking over an existing business can be a shortcut to realizing ideas about starting or developing an existing business. To make it easier for you who want to buy or sell companies in our region, Båstad Turism & Näringsliv has through the regional collaboration Familjen Helsingborg created a common portal for this purpose, called Bolagsplatsen. In the next few years in particular, it is interesting that this market is facilitated as the pace of generational change picks up. At the company site, you will find agencies, cafés, shops, restaurants, service companies, construction and manufacturing companies for sale in our region. This is also a list of the majority of the Helsingborg Family Brokers who can help you

Develop the tourism industry

To achieve Skåne's long-term goals - to become one of Sweden's two most visited destinations - more professional entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry are crucial. Funds from the EU's Regional Fund contribute with financing together with, among others, Region Skåne and Tourism in Skåne. The goal is more growing companies, new products and services, new destinations and increased employment in the hospitality industry. By destination development we mean the development of a society as a destination. It benefits not only you as an entrepreneur in the tourism industry but also the economic welfare and employment rate in our region. A tourist destination consists of many stakeholders and is a complex product. Destination development has many target groups. It can be about companies, political decision-makers, transporters, investors, educational institutions and residents. Together they form part of the destination. The Helsingborg Family is working on a project to develop the export maturity of the destination in northwestern Skåne. The project will lead to more sustainable companies and business entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry.

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