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4 tips for working actively with TripAdvisor

Do you already know TripAdvisor? Is your company already on the list and is updated with all the necessary information? You may even have taken control of the ownership of your product? Then here are some tips on how you can continue to work with TripAdvisor to optimize your visibility in the world's largest travel channel.

First some background…

As we become more globalized through free movement, we also become more digitalized. We use the internet to explore the unlimited number of destinations available and are happy to document our stays online. 80 percent of all people who seek information do so first by surfing the web. The large flow of information that the internet has given rise to has meant that other people influence us in our choices. 73 percent of all travelers are inspired by other travelers' photos and let these guide them in their choice of destination, hotel and restaurant.

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We live in a digitalized world where our presence on online platforms is becoming more and more crucial, whether we are travelers looking for the typical Scanian restaurant or whether we are entrepreneurs who want travelers to come to us. This is where TripAdvisor comes in and can help you take control. Follow these steps:

NOTE! To be able to start taking control of your reputation on TripAdvisor, you should first register your company, update the information available about your product and upload new photos.

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