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Tourism in Skåne - strategic action plan for sustainability

Tourism in Skåne's overall mission is to increase the number of visitors to Skåne. Our visionary goal for sustainability work is for Skåne to become the best in Sweden and an international role model in sustainable destination development. It directly gives us a challenge around, among other things, increased travel volumes and a potential increase in wear and tear on the Scanian nature.

This challenge is a crucial incentive to work long-term and sustainably in all our development work, at the same time as we increase the number of visitors to Skåne. The challenge is greater than attracting visitors to Skåne. In a sustainable destination, everyone works together to minimize the negative effects of tourism - in both society and nature, and maximize the positive effects of tourism on the local economy, nature, cultural-historical environments and the quality of life for both hosts and visitors.

Tourism in Skåne has a great responsibility - as a role model, influencer and enabler. At the same time, it is with the individual actors around Skåne that the major change and development work must take place.

Our mission and our goals for sustainable tourism in Skåne
In our strategic sustainability work, we have defined three main target groups:

our coworkers
Skåne's visitors
Destinations, municipalities and the hospitality industry.

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