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Stricter advice to slow the spread of infection in Skåne

The Swedish Public Health Agency has today, October 27, together with Region Skåne's infection control physicians decided to sharply tighten the councils in Skåne. Everyone needs to avoid shops and public transport and only hang out with people you normally meet in everyday life.
The tightening in Skåne is being done to stop the rapid spread of infection, where the average number of positive cases per day has more than doubled in just a couple of weeks. More patients are being cared for in hospitals and infection has entered more special housing in Scanian municipalities.

Tightened advice for three weeks

The stricter advice for Skåne applies from today and three weeks ahead. For residents and visitors in Skåne, it is important to contribute to everyone being able to keep their distance and reduce congestion.

  • Everyone should avoid traveling by public transport or other public transport. Trips that can not be avoided, such as trips to work, school or care visits, can always be carried out.
  • Everyone should refrain from staying in indoor environments where there is a risk of congestion such as shops and shopping centers. Necessary visits to, for example, grocery stores and pharmacies can be made.
  • Everyone is advised against arranging or participating in sports competitions and cups where many meet and where travel is necessary.
  • Everyone should avoid hanging out with people other than those you live with or meet every week.
  • All businesses should take steps to minimize the number of visitors at the same time, adjust opening hours and offer digital options.
  • Employers should provide the conditions and encourage staff to work from home whenever possible. Business trips, conferences and other physical meetings should be avoided.

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