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Do you want a visit contact me; Business developer Pathricia at:

Praoper period year 9: Förslövskolan has week 40-41, Strandängsskolan week 42-43


Receiving a student is not only fun - you and your workplace also make a big effort. Your workplace can give a ninth-grader the chance to see for the first time how working life works, at the same time as you yourself can gain new perspectives on the business. Have you considered that the students who go to school right now may be future employees or even prospective customers?

Can everyone receive a student?

Virtually all workplaces can receive a pre-student, regardless of whether it is a large or small company, an association, a municipality or an authority. The student is insured through school.

Do we have good enough tasks for a ninth grader?

You may think that it is difficult to find work assignments for a pre-student. But a student who does his prao with you does not have to try all the tasks that are available. You can also create assignments for the student to get different pictures of the activity or invite the student to come up with their own suggestions for tasks. The most important thing is that the student feels involved. Read more about tips on what the pre-student can do in the workplace

Due to the pandemic, this year's ninth graders have not had the chance to preach during primary school, an experience we would very much like to give them now in the autumn before it is time for high school elections. But for this to become a reality, we need you! Register directly at (digital tool for organizing praon), or contact one of us if you have any questions!

Louise Malmborg - Strandängsskolan

+0431 - 771 41

Christel Hansson - Förslöv's school

+0431 - 774 50



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