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Together we create a business climate that is talked about a lot and that attracts business start-ups and business development.

Pathrica Hansson

Business Developer / Corporate Pilots

Pathricia Hansson has been a Business Developer at Båstad Tourism and Business since January 2020. Pathricia also works as a Business Pilot at Båstad Municipality.


Growing up in a small town in northern Skåne in a large group of siblings, it has shaped me. Has taught me to both compromise and respect others. These are qualities that, together with work experience, are great assets in my current work roles.

The role as a Business Developer

- “I make efforts that are needed to create good conditions for Båstad's business life. I am a link between companies and the municipality and for the business community's perspective inwards in the municipality and vice versa. Collaborates with other actors, carries out activities that benefit business development, planning, coordination and implementation of company visits, says Pathricia. ”

the role of Company Pilots

- “I contribute to a fast and smooth way into the municipality. My ambition is to provide quick answers to your questions. You get help finding the right laws and regulations and an overview of what permits you may need to apply for your business. I help and coordinate so that you can easily get in touch with the right people within the municipality. ”

Goals in my work

- “On the Bjäre Peninsula, we have a fantastic entrepreneurial spirit. Here it should be easy to start, run and develop companies. A good business climate is important for companies to be able to develop. My goal is to create even better conditions for a strong business climate through increased consensus and understanding of conditions and our different perspectives. Together, we create a business climate that is talked about a lot and that attracts business start-ups and business development. ”


A strong interest in sports has run as a common thread through life. Happy to spend an evening in Catena Arena where I cheer on the favorite team Rögle BK. When I spend time with my family and friends, I feel the best. The next big private project is to build a house in Ängelholm.

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