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Båstad Turism & Näringsliv makes continuous company visits where the purpose of visiting companies in their own everyday lives is to build relationships and to create a good dialogue between us and the companies. The goal is to improve the business climate so that existing companies are developed and new companies are established in the municipality. The goal is to visit 50 companies. We get the opportunity to listen and get information about the company and its future plans. And also get to listen to what expectations entrepreneurs have of Båstad Turism & Näringsliv and Båstad municipality.

We are happy to take photos of our visits and post them on our Facebook page to market both the companies and our visits. (of course in agreement with the companies)

Are you as an entrepreneur interested in a visit?
Contact us at naringsliv@bastad.com and we will be happy to come and visit you. The company visit is yours, so you set it up to suit your business.

Bjäre Golf ClubHotel Hovs HallarHeart thingHotel Riviera BeachTorekov HotelTeddykompaniet in Båstad AB, Båstad MontessoriHammerglass ABNorrviken,  Hovs Hallar Hotell & Restaurang,  Riviera Beach Hotels, Salomon TavernCodeqLindabRittalBåstad Riding ClubAkademi Båstad PolytechnicValhalla ParkCarl Johan Bernadotte Rotary ClubBjäre Fire EngineeringWiTEC, Båstad Golf ClubThe barn in BoarpBoarps Vegetable Hall, Ivarssons in Båstad, SEB AngelholmÄngelholm AirportBåstad Rotary ClubELON Angelholm,  Made in BåstadKranpunkten ABHotel Bike & Ski "Bella Luna"Vansta GardenNorrviken,  Hotel SkansenThe brand storeBjäre BookstoreArtifact GalleryLindqvist Men's equipmentTeddykompaniet in Båstad ABWestfield horse safariLindab,  Hotel Riviera BeachHR-AV ProductsBjäre BookstoreBåstad municipalityGrevie ParkSönnertorp Golf ClubAtixe Städ & TrädgårdJPGS Kaross ABReform ClinicApelrydsskolan, Basic Trend, Two Men's Café

The following companies have Båstad Turism & Näringsliv visited via Game Set Matching together with the Swedish Public Employment Service 2018:
Soeder Countryhouse & Kitchen, WiTec Sweden, Ernst Textil, Hovs Hallar, Nolato Polymer, BjäreFågel, Willab AB, Rittal Ängelholm, Vävaren i Båstad, Nadjafi & Kristensen, Orangeriet Restaurang på Norrviken, Båstad GK, Bjäre GK, Äppelgården GK, Fiskhuset i Torekov , Margretetorps Gästgifvaregård, Wyy, Hotel Skansen, Montessori, NP Nilsson Båstad, NP Nilsson Grevie, Tvättservice i Båstad, Nadox / Audio Video, JPGS, Bjäre Hembygd, Båstad Ridklubb, ELON Båstad, ELON Ängelholm ,. Lindab


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