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It feels great to talk about my own area and the wonderful places we visit here on the Bjäre Peninsula.

Elinor Alm

Tourist informant

Elinor Alm has been the Tourist Information Officer at Båstad Tourism and Business since 31 March 2020. Here she started after the 2-year education "Coordinator in the hospitality industry" at Båstad University of Applied Sciences.

Elinor has lived in both Italy and Spain but eventually landed on the Bjäre Peninsula again, where she partly grew up.

-After being a "tourist hostess" for relatives and friends who have been and visited me when I have lived abroad, it now feels great to talk about my own village and the wonderful destinations we have here on the Bjäre Peninsula. I learn something new every day. New strawberry places and new exciting activities appear here on our beautiful peninsula, which is full of creative people and entrepreneurs.

Goals in my work

To meet the curious visitor in a professional way to be able to provide adequate and updated information, tips and inspiration to be able to create as good an experience as possible at our destination.

When I'm not working

Dancing is my passion and then primarily salsa and tango. Antiques and flea market bargains are also close to my heart and of course spending time with family and dinners with good friends. Right now I'm looking forward to walking with the family's new four - legged friend.

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