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Covid-19 affects our local business community in many ways. To facilitate your information retrieval, we have collected some important links where you can stay continuously updated..

Take care of each other!

Important information for you as an entrepreneur in Båstad municipality

On Wednesday, April 1, the Swedish Public Health Agency issued new general advice on everyone's responsibility to prevent the spread of covid-19.

All activities in Sweden are obliged to, based on the Swedish Public Health Agency's recommendations, take measures to reduce the risk of the spread of infection. This can be, for example, informing the public, avoiding several people gathering and marking distances in, for example, queues.

All workplaces in the municipality of Båstad is expected to fulfill the general guidelines on enabling its staff to:

Keep a distance from each other

- regularly wash their hands with soap and water, or otherwise use rubbing alcohol

- work from home

- avoid unnecessary travel at work and can adjust their working hours to avoid traveling during rush hour.

Trade activities should:

- limit the number of customers staying in a room at the same time

- develop alternative solutions to cash queues, or mark how far customers should stand between each other

Associations should:

If possible, avoid meetings or conduct them digitally

Sports clubs should:

- ensure that close contact between athletes is avoided

- hold workouts and other outdoor activities

- postpone matches

- limit the number of spectators and avoid congestion

- avoid unnecessary travel in connection with sports

Remember that all individuals have a personal responsibility to take the necessary measures to protect others from the risk of infection. To counteract the spread of covid-19 in Sweden, it is required that you always stay at home when you have symptoms, that you are careful with hand hygiene and that everyone keeps their distance from each other.

Read more: The Swedish Public Health Agency's regulations and general advice on everyone's responsibility to prevent covid-19 infection

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1. Cruel service is the hallmark of the Bjäre Peninsula, a spirit that should be maintained - it pays off in the long run. 
2. Have hand alcohol placed in the store - for staff and customers.
3. Clean extra carefully and spray. Handles, surfaces, checkout continuously. 
4. Consider arranging a home delivery solution if you have that type of business. Orders can e.g. done during the day and be driven home at closing. You can also agree with other stores for a joint drive home. Cooperation and ingenuity pay off!

Information from the government regarding, among other things, support for entrepreneurs.

Information and recommendations from the Swedish Public Health Agency

Companies that have had payment problems as a direct consequence of Covid-19 can apply for a deferral from the Swedish Tax Agency with the payment.

Försäkringskassan has information on carrier allowance, travel compensation, sickness benefit and compensation for child care (VAB).

The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth has information and support that can help you manage changes due to the covid -19 outbreak.

Collected crisis information from Swedish authorities.

For labor law issues, we refer to the respective member organization.

The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise for dialogue with the government regarding the negative consequences Corona has for Swedish entrepreneurs.

Collected information from Båstad Municipality.


For you as an entrepreneur, offers comprehensive information from various authorities.

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