Membership application

Terms & conditions

Termination of membership must take place in writing no later than November 30 of the year before withdrawal and at the earliest after 2 years of membership. 

Your investment goes straight to development and marketing initiatives that create conditions for the area and your company's growth!

As a member, you contribute to:

  • Enable the availability of resources to work with business development, destination development and marketing.
  • Enable all activities, trainings, events & business meetings.
  • Develop Båstad as a business municipality and destination
  • Enable the work regarding the supply of skills
  • A better business climate.
  • More people visit Båstad & Bjärehalvön.

As a member you get:

  • Participate free of charge in many of our member activities (networking, training, inspiration).
  • Appears on bastad.com with a link to your company.
  • Ongoing company-related information via e-mail.
  • Presented as a member of various forums & marketing channels. 
  • Place for printing material at Båstad Tourist Office.
  • Be a part of our marketing work (press & influencer collaboration, marketing campaigns).
  • Special price for advertising in our channels (Guide, map, entrance signs, bastad.com).
  • Access to our "B2B square" where our member companies can use each other's services and products at a reduced price and market their own company with an attractive offer.
  • Get the opportunity to participate in the development councils that Båstad Turism & Näringsliv runs in collaboration with Båstad Municipality.

Service charge

Prices are exclusive of 25% VAT on the service fee.
Upon new entry, a participation fee of SEK 500 is paid.
Fees decided at board meeting 2021-03-29.
Termination of membership must be in writing. Termination may not take place until at least two years after the member has joined the association and must take place no later than 30/11 the year before.

Camilla Berthilsson

“With the activities and campaigns that Båstad T&N creates to attract Bjäre as a destination, it feels natural for us to be involved. Together we will be an attractive destination and which BTN is good at connecting and communicating ”

Tomas Pettersson

"Being a member of Båstad Turism & Näringsliv gives us an opportunity to be involved and influence how we together can make the Bjäre Peninsula an attractive destination."

Nils Moller

"We believe that Båstad Turism & Näringsliv is a good partner that is committed, solution-oriented and works proactively with business issues that have affected Väderötrafiken."

Djavad Kristensen

"Being a member of BT&N is for us a matter of course that all traders in the municipality should be as it is part of the work that contributes to the area working as it should."

Johan Olmarker

Do not know how many years the "Sportshopen in Båstad" has been members. I just know we will be there for many, many, years to come… ”

Gitte Lindström Harmark

"Being a member is a matter of course - through Båstad Turism & Näringsliv we are part of a large network that provides energy and support"

Alexander Jansson

"Båstad Turism & Näringsliv is a significant force for an improved business climate in the municipality and the region."


Membership application

Terms & conditions

Termination of membership must be in writing no later than 31 October of the year before resignation and at the earliest after 2 years of membership. 

As a member you get:

When you become a member, you contribute to:

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