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My goal is to create an environment for both employees and entrepreneurs that is unbeatable to operate in.

Annika Borgelin


Annika Borgelin has been CEO of Båstad Turism och Näringsliv since April 1, 2021. She has worked in the organization since 2017, the first three years as responsible for the Active Lifestyle project, when Båstad's brand was moved to a nature, sports and recreation destination. After that, Annika took over as destination manager and continued the work of creating an attractive destination.
About the role as CEO, she says this;
- I could not have imagined a better place to shoulder this role. Båstad and the Bjäre Peninsula are very close to my heart and we have enormous potential both as a business municipality and a tourist resort. Our history and entrepreneurial spirit speak for themselves and create an extremely developing environment to work in.

Goals in my work

To create an environment for both employees and entrepreneurs that is unbeatable to work in. It should be easy, fun and rewarding to run a business in Båstad and as a tourist resort we are one of the Nordic region's most attractive and sustainable destinations.

When I'm not working

Then I feel the best of being in nature! Hiking, cycling, running, kayaking or picnicking, preferably with family and friends.

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