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Bear Chips

Best in test - again and again !!
We have manufactured and sold Sweden's most locally produced chips for 6 years and have been named Sweden's best chips 11 times !!

Bjärebygdens Musteri is a small temple located on the beautiful Bjäre Peninsula with Kattviks Fruktodling around the corner. We press Swedish locally grown fruit into unfiltered apple juice, without additives. The character's character and refreshing taste vary excitingly with apple variety and season.
Since there is rarely any chemistry without love, we also dare to claim that we added 100% love during the manufacturing process!

The must is sold in 25 cl, 50cl, 100cl bottles and 3L Bag-in-Box.

The business is based on a solid foundation of tradition and professional knowledge. Heberlein's good products contain only meat from beef, pork and veal from Swedish farms. You can find their products in most stores around the Bjäre Peninsula.  

Ebbesson's small farm dairy produces good cheeses from milk from the farm's own cows. All cheeses are made from pasteurized milk. Here you can buy pressed hard cheese, stored for about 6 months, white mold cheese, blue mold cheese and putty cheese.

Bjäre Ice Cream and Cholkadfabrik offers self-produced & locally produced ice cream & chocolate pralines for sale both in the factory in Troentorp and in the kiosk Båstad harbor. They also accept orders!

From the shop you look out towards Sinarpsdalen and Lindegren's own red hills. Here you can buy organic beef and pork, your own charcuterie and lamb from nearby farms. Lindegrens also arranges guided food walks in scenic landscapes. 

Bjärehalvön's rapeseed oil started production of cold-pressed rapeseed oil in 2012. Their goal is to locally produce a fine mild rapeseed oil from rapeseed seeds grown on the Bjäre Peninsula, where pressing and bottling takes place locally and on a small scale.

Flake salt with flavors from the Bjäre Peninsula, locally produced with quality. You can buy this salt in Boarps Grönsakshall and at some of the Ica stores on the entire Bjäre Peninsula. 

Chickens that are well, taste good! Today, the country's top restaurants choose to serve Bjärekyckling, which is the only bird producer that is allowed to label its goods with Swedish Seal. The products can be found in the Ica stores on the Bjäre Peninsula. 

Beyond Romantiska Trädgården are Norrviken's own hives, which are managed by Biföreningen Lilla Båstad. The product becomes a good and creamy Norrviken Honey. You can buy these jars in Norrviken's store.

Flake salt with flavors from the Bjäre Peninsula, locally produced with quality. You can buy this salt in Boarps Grönsakshall and at some of the Ica stores on the entire Bjäre Peninsula. 

Opera Te a lá Nilsson! Birgit's good start before each performance. Why not buy a nice Birgit souvenir to take home. These products are available for purchase at the Tourist Office throughout the year and Birgit Nilsson Museum during May - Sep. 

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