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Do you need catering or a venue for festivities such as weddings, students, summer parties, corporate parties or other festive occasions? Here you will find suggestions for suppliers of food and premises for the next party in Båstad and on the Bjäre Peninsula.



Restaurant, bar and nightclub by the beach
in Båstad since 1991. Always summer, always party!
It's emotionally right. 
Never forget the '

Located between the sea and the tennis courts in Båstadhamn, we try to create a southern atmosphere. With us, you can get most of your senses satisfied.


We accept anything from 30 to 300 seated guests.

You are always welcome to make inquiries about private or corporate events.

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In the Orangery, we serve well-cooked lunches inspired by what is best for the moment. 
For the children, we have organic pancakes with jam & cream, pasta with minced meat sauce in addition to the usual lunch dishes.

Welcome to a good and well-cooked lunch.
If you are a larger party and want a group menu, feel free to email and we will send you suitable menus.

For lunch and current opening times see our website. 

The organization's food philosophy:
"On historic ground, we manage a future"
The earth, nature, the sea & the people live in harmony with the identity of the area. Managing this requires an understanding and knowledge of its conditions. Based on that, we create a kitchen that develops with the countryside. With respect and care, we want to see history become the future. A kitchen that is related to the unique place where we are. A kitchen that we call "The place-related kitchen"

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More players in catering and premises for parties

With a passion for food and the good life.

The Heberlein family has a long tradition of food in our area.

We choose the finest ingredients and much comes from Bjäre and the surrounding area. Good meat - good cheeses and delicious delicacies.

Welcome in…

Lina and Marie Heberlein

With love…

Lina and Marie Heberlein

Our Facebook page (click here)

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The boathouse is a brasserie in Swedish style, a fantastic meeting place in Båstad harbor. The offer is as generous as the opening hours, from early morning to late evening. With us, you eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between!

Welcome to us!

Bygdegården Förslöv

We rent out premises for various purposes such as. conference, lecture, party, course activities etc.

To rent, you must be 25 years of age or older.

For rent of Fågelsång, max 30 people.

Mail: Phone: 070 788 96 60

Båstad Seafood

Båstad Seafood sells all the good things from the sea at the Entré Båstad shopping area, Skåne.
Båstad Seafood consists of both a shop and a restaurant that offers Sweden's largest range of fish. We offer a complete range of fresh fish, seafood, ready meals, delicacies and lots of other unique products from the sea.
All year round, delicious and tasty dishes are served from our menu and in a relaxed and Scandinavian restaurant environment. If you would rather take something delicious home with you or where you are going - there is more than you can imagine in our store.

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We will send you a customized menu based on the information you have provided us regarding a menu question, but you will always have the opportunity to discuss your menu with our chef in person or by phone. We want you to explore all the possibilities in your menu and create ideas based on your taste and budget.


Friggin Båstad

Friggin Båstad is a barbecue and event company that makes your event what matters! We are all summer on site down in Båstad's harbor.

Do you know how we work? We together with you tailor what will be your perfect food event! We come out to you, set up tents, barbecues, smokers, stations and everything needed for the ultimate barbecue, BBQ and dining experience. While we fix the food, you sit quietly in the boat and adjust so that the drink is cold and the guest list is ready.

Feel free to follow us on Instagram and Facebook: frigginbastad

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Are you getting married in Båstad or on the Bjäre Peninsula? Are you looking for a venue for dinner and the party?

We arrange large and small weddings in our premises. Every day and wedding couples are unique where our goal is to fulfill your dreams that you have. For us, it is important that you are satisfied and we always work according to your wishes, thoughts and ideas.

When you step inside the doors, you are met by high ceilings, large and open areas that are surrounded by a warm feeling. The areas are 430 sqm. The room is an old barn that gives a romantic courtyard feel.

If you are looking for a unique venue, you have come to the right place!

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ICA-Supermarket Båstad

Regardless of everyday life or party, you will find what you need in a Supermarket store. Buy groceries at ICA Supermarket Båstad. New offers every week! Easy. Quickly. Personally.

Food & Meetings

Ulrika and Andreas who run Mat & Möten in Båstad have two restaurants, one at Båstad Företagsby and one at Båstad Golfklubb. Mat & Möten in Båstad Företagsby serves tasty lunches & stylish catering. At Båstad Golfklubb offers lunch restaurant, Bar & Coffelounge.

Located in the middle of the harbor in Torekov's old boatyard, the restaurant Varvet Mat & Vin invites you to an experience beyond the ordinary. Here you will also find our café.

We have a menu with Italian cuisine in focus, based on local and fresh ingredients.

Offers food for corporate events, weddings, birthdays and other celebrations. All events can be tailored and adapted to the conditions on site.

We will send you a customized menu based on the information you have provided us regarding a menu question, but you will always have the opportunity to discuss your menu with our chef in person or by phone. We want you to explore all the possibilities in your menu and create ideas based on your taste and budget.

Vallåsen's Inn

Our party room has room for about 80 people and sits together with an airy orangery. Outside there is a large garden and a stage. We have 23 hotel rooms and a passionate chef who also bakes incomparable cakes. In other words, here are all the possibilities to create the party or wedding you dream of. 

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