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Road cycling on and around Hallandsåsen

A warm welcome to the cycling destination Hallandsåsen. Enjoy the hilly landscape of the ridge, the salt-sprinkled sea of ​​the Bjäre Peninsula and the inland's beautiful country roads lined with forest and cultivated fields. Share your experience # hallandsasen #bikehallandsasen

Note that the routes are not marked.

We recommend that you download the map file for each round.

Hallandsåsen around

Length 100 km
Elevation difference 900 m

Forest and slopes, sea and plains, all in one package. The tour takes you through southern Halland and northwestern Skåne. Picturesque route of 100 km that requires a couple of coffee stops for the exerciser.

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Length 47 km
Elevation difference 650 m

Here you can enjoy the Bjäre Peninsula's varied nature of sea and meadows. Remember to keep your eyes on the road! If you get a coffee craving, turn e.g. within the port of Torekov or stop at the top of Lyabacken.

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Lilla Bjärerundan

Length 35 km
Elevation difference 430 m

A short variant of Bjäreundan that captures the feeling of the Bjäre Peninsula. You avoid the climb in Lya but you will not escape Kattviksbacken!

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4 Municipalities

Length 125 km
Elevation difference 770 m

Long round that runs within Laholm, Båstad, Örkelljunga and Ängelholm with the steep climbs of Hallandsåsen and beech forest embedded almost car-free roads.

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Skälderviken around

Length 142 km
Elevation difference 900 m

A long round around Skälderviken. 142 km requires its cyclist or many coffee stops, which is plentiful on this round in e.g. Ängelholm, Mölle, Arild and Torekov.

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The wall

Length 93 km
Elevation difference 1240 m

A distance that requires its cyclist. If you start from Båstad, there is a 20 km long warm-up on the plain in southern Halland before Hasslövsbacken takes over with a 12 percent slope. Then you just have time to run the lactic acid out of your legs before the next hill takes over. Enjoy coffee in e.g. Killeröd and views of Skälderviken and Kullaberg.

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Length 77 km

Here you cycle along the foot of Hallandsåsen. You cross rolling landscapes and make your way through deep forests. Enjoy almost car-free and slightly hilly roads. Maybe it tastes like a cup of coffee in Hishult?

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Length 61 km

Enjoy a splash of salt from the sea as you cycle along the West Coast's longest sandy beach! The cobblestone in Östra Karup gives you a feeling of the classic bicycle race Paris-Roubaix when you travel along the northern slope of Hallandsåsen. Fits well with a cup of coffee on the square in Laholm.

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The bear classic

Length 142 km
Elevation difference 930 m

A long round with everything that the cycling destination has to offer in the form of environments close to the sea, plains, beech forests and steep climbs. A good round for a large group to rush forward on the sometimes almost car-free roads.

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Beech forest on Hallandsåsen

Length 60 km
Elevation difference 590 m

In addition to Hallandsåsen's hilly open landscapes, you also travel in beautiful beech forests. The long climb from Margretetorp up to the top of Hallandsåsen is a wonderful challenge. Then a good rest awaits your legs and eyes as you travel downhill through Sinarpsdalen.

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Length 49 km

A classic round where open plains are interspersed with magical forest and lake landscape in Hjörnered. You travel along the river Lagan and pass the mighty power plant in Karsefors. Tip! Feel free to take a break at the cozy Vippentorpet.

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Length 74 km

Cycle on winding country roads past small villages and grazing animals. You are offered the beautiful passage between Västersjön and Rössjön and a long, sustained climb up Hallandsås. Along the route there are several nice coffee stops to make in both Örkelljunga, Våxtorp and Hishult.

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