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The art and cult offer on the Bjäre Peninsula is exciting and varied. The Bjäre Peninsula has long been a place that attracted creative souls who created art, culture and design.

There are several art exhibitions here, from the small studio in your own home to the renowned Galleri Arnstedt and not least Kulturhuset Ravinen.

Norrviken's gardens are a place that must be mentioned when it comes to the Bjäre Peninsula's cultural offerings, Norrviken offers exhibitions and events beyond the ordinary and its seven style gardens are incredibly beautiful.

Birgit Nilsson is one of the Bjäre Peninsula's most important cultural personalities, the opera star has been presented with her own museum, Birgit Nilsson Museum is today a tourist attraction that attracts people from near and far. 

Also, do not miss the range of designs offered around the Bjäre Peninsula in everything from furniture to clothes and household utensils.  

Art, culture design that you must not miss!

27 January – 28 May 2023 Ann Edholm is one of our great Swedish painters. With an intimate connection to the materials and history of painting, Ann Edholm has developed her own image world. Her abstract and expressionist painting is based on the perception of a kind of equal relationship between man and painting. The works contain interpretations of art history and medieval legends, of Jewish deportations during Nazism and of growing up in the aftermath of a war. The exhibition The image presses against my eye is part of the in-depth work that has been going on since 2008 where Ann Edholm examines her background as the daughter of a mother from Berlin and a Germany during the Second World War. Ann Edholm is now showing several completely new works in RAVINE...

Kattviksvägen 231 269 91 Båstad
Vernissage Sunday 5/7 at 14-17 The exhibition runs until 16/8 Sven Lingardsz was born in 1944 in Ljungby and is now active in Hov which is located by Båstad. He previously worked in the United States, Switzerland and Austria. In his art, Sven Lingardsz works with a tradition-based painting, often within a symbolist and unreal-surreal reference system, in resin oil technology, mostly on wooden panels, but also graphics - preferably stone prints - and objects. The world of images primarily depicts human deeds and interpersonal relationships, as well as interpretations of, for example, sayings or different values. Lindgardsz is represented at Malmö Museum, Sweden's Riksdag, in many municipal collections, he has received several scholarships, participated in radio and TV. Sven Lingardsz has exhibitions in galleries, art galleries, museums, fairs, companies and also internationally. His paintings can be seen in the exhibition hall located in Sven Lingardsz's studio in the converted half-timbered yard outside Hov, Båstad. There he also gives lectures on painting, printing techniques, the conditions of the artist and the art industry. Open Tuesday-Sunday from 13-18. Mondays or other times; by appointment…

Lingården, Sönnertorpsvägen, Båstad
+ 46 (0) 70-787 42 37
Welcome to the Bjäre Peninsula's obvious excursion destination for art lovers! In charming Torekov, Gustav and Carolina de Abreu Sundin run a gallery, art gallery and frame workshop interspersed with courses in painting and art talks.

During the summer season, you can see separate exhibitions with exciting paintings, sculpture, photography and textile art at Galleri Torekov and Konsthallen Fabriken. Gustav de Abreu Sundin, who is himself an artist, also exhibits his own works both at the Art Round and during the summer.

A network of artists with Gustav as the initiator, goes out every summer to paint the ever-changing Bjärelandskapet. The summer season ends with a group exhibition in brand new landscape painting.

Keep up to date with what's happening at Galleri Torekov and in Konsthallen Fabriken on Facebook, Instagram and the website. …

Gallery Torekov, Storgatan 50, 269 77 Torekov
+ 46 (0) 735 - 06 36 91
Båstad and Östra Karup parish conduct several different activities where the core consists of managing the parish as well as its churches and cemeteries. Båstad and Östra Karup parish help you with baptisms, funerals and weddings, from the happiest times of life to the saddest when you need support. At Bjäre, the sky is always blue.

Torekov, Hov & Västra Bjäre parish

Båstad & Östra Karup parish

Förslöv & Grevie Parish

Båstad-Östra Karup parish Kyrkogatan 21 269 33 Båstad
Norrviken's gardens invite you to Skogen's in 2021 - with natural elegance in the way of Norrviken. Follow the paths in the forest, discover hidden places and enjoy the park's unique style gardens and flowering flower beds. Let the soul green in Norrviken's gardens….

Norrviken Kattviksvägen 233, 269 91 Båstad
+ 46 (0) 431-30 21 00
The language guide Ingrid Persson Skog specializes in Båstad - Bjäre, with a preference for themes in history, culture and food. Regular and tailor-made tours in Swedish, English and Scandinavian are offered all year round together with knowledge of and passion for this wonderful part of Sweden. The language guide Ingrid Persson Skog arranges lots of different guided tours for the public. It can be anything from a film walk in the breathtaking Hovs Hallar to a piece of unexpected Nobel story in Båstad.

You always buy a ticket in advance. More information about this can be found under the heading Calendar on my website If you want to book a private guided tour on foot, by bus and boat, it is of course excellent. Bicycle guidance is also an option, provided that you and your group have their own bicycles. Just call or email for more information. How about gourmet cycling, hiking on steep paths or why not a journey of discovery on Halland's weather island?

The price varies depending on the group size and the length of the arrangement. Since I started my company Språkguiden Ingrid Persson Skog, I have had countless assignments in Båstad - Bjäre, but of course also in other places in Nordvästskåne and Sydhalland. Furthermore, I regularly guide international cruise travelers, mainly in Helsingborg - Helsingör. You are very welcome to book your guided tour!…

Pre-booked visits: Karstorps Mölleväg 2 Starting point for many tours: Köpmansgatan 1 Instagram
+ 46 (0) 738 - 50 33 43
Båstad-Bjäre Art Association sees as its task: - to arouse, maintain and spread interest in art within Båstad municipality and the surrounding area. We do this by: • Arranging art exhibitions in the association's gallery, Båstad Art Gallery, which is located in the Knowledge Center Agardh. • Arrange art trips for our members to interesting exhibitions, both inside and outside Sweden. • Invite to lectures and film evenings that deal with topics in art and culture. • Arrange an art lottery every year - an appreciated event where our members get the opportunity to win quality art objects. See our virtual exhibitions on our Youtube channel…

Knowledge Center Agardh LYCKAN 7, 269 31 Båstad
The best of Scandinavian design collected on 1000 square meters in Boarp between Torekov and Båstad. Brands Ceannis / Himla / Iris Hantverk / Korbo / Lexington / Linum / Mateus / Mille Notti / Mimou / Pappelina / Shepherd / Steamery / Stelton / Watt & Veke / Wildlife Garden / Design House Stockholm…

Boarpsvägen 133, 269 94 Båstad
+ 46 (0) 431-733 45
The weaver in Båstad weaves linen. A distinction is made between full linen and half linen. This means that we only use clean linen. Also in the warp. It gives a luster that shines. And a strength that stands up. We have been weaving whole linen since the forties and we do it in Sweden. Then we have full control over the quality and can also weave to order. We care about the craft and the tradition. One of our designs - David's harp - is from the 1600th century. If you want to know more, sign up for a guided tour below….

Boarpsvägen 116, 269 95 Båstad
+ 46 (0) 748 - 50 33 43
In the middle of Bjäre, in the village of Svenstad, Birgit Nilsson's family farm is beautifully nestled between hills and pastures. Here, La Nilsson grew up and worked on the family's farm while she dreamed of a future in the world of singing. The farm is today a museum, according to Birgit's wishes, where memories from childhood and the incomparable opera career are preserved. Birgit's childhood home is shown in pristine condition in the company of a guide, who tells about growing up and the path to music. Place in viewing can be pre-booked. Limited accessibility to the dwelling house.

In the old logo is the exhibition "Birgit Nilsson - moments and tones", every year with a new theme. Here is an insight into life on the way to and on the opera stage, the fantastic music and not least love. Both the private person Birgit as well as the star "La Nilsson" are portrayed. The story in the accompanying audio guide gives the exhibition an extra dimension and is available in Swedish, English and German. Adjacent to the exhibition you will find a cinema hall, where the film is shown continuously. Next door is a media room where you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in our digital archive or browse through the fact files. Join us on a journey through Birgit Nilsson's fantastic life and opera career!

In the carefully renovated stable there is today a café. Here, good sandwiches and homemade according to Birgit's own recipes can be enjoyed in an atmospheric and different environment. The stable café has no entrance fee and the same opening hours as the museum. Free Wi-Fi throughout the yard for our visitors. Welcome!…

Birgit Nilssons väg 27, 269 91 Båstad
+ 46 (0) 431-31 18 60

Tips on more players

Charlotte Hedberg is open in her studio in Hallavara where she shows her photo triptychs, paintings and silver jewelry.

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Christel Khan is an artist who works with painting, ceramics and sculpture.

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Båstad chamber music association's vision is to inspire and contribute to a rich musical life on the Bjäre Peninsula. During our festival week, we offer strong and unexpected music experiences and meetings with both international artists and young, promising abilities. In 2022, we will celebrate 30 years, under the direction of our artistic director Cathrine Winnes.

Read more about us on our exciting and informative website and become a member and part of our passion for music and culture, local collaboration and generosity.

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Bjäre Kultur och Meditationscenter was born on Sunday 16 January 1994 and the overall purpose of the center is to work for inner peace to create outer peace.

Our motto is "A silent path to international peace"

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Östra Karup's church is located on the northern slope of Hallandsåsen. The church was probably built as early as the end of the 1000th century or the beginning of the 1100th century.

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Tells the story of Båstad as a Danish medieval city and Swedish city spot. Crafts, coastal shipping and fishing. From bathing and health resort to tennis metropolis.

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Welcome to Galerie Hansson who works with 1900th and 20th century Finnish paintings, prints and sculptures by Swedish and international artists. Open in Båstad June-August.

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The gallery is located in the middle of the small village Östra Karup and started in 1998 when the old mill building was converted into an exhibition hall. Every space on the farm has been used to create the opportunity to let many artists show their work at the same time. In the garden, sculptures are displayed in the gallery's green room

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The exhibition space Galleri Hattlösa in Förslöv has exciting art exhibitions. 

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Art gallery located with beautiful views of the Kattegat.

Hallavaravägen 145
26991 housing estate

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The craft fair at Norrvikens Trädgårdar offers modern design with a timeless feeling and has something for everyone. 

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Hembygdsparken in Boarp. Step into a bygone era, visit the country store, old farms from the 1600th century and a school hall from the past.

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Museum with a ball feel! In the middle of Båstad is Sweden's only tennis museum. The museum offers a lot of content and many famous names in a small space. Guided tours can be booked. If you also want to visit Båstad Centercourt, this is within walking distance of the museum.

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Art courses are arranged here for adults and children, where you can try out different techniques.

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