The artists of the Bjäre Peninsula

Christel Khan

Christel Khan works with and shows unique stoneware, bronze sculpture and oil paintings in his studio in Förslöv. You will find Villa Sol on Mercurivägen in central Förslöv, where you will have a personal meeting and have the opportunity to take part in the thoughts about the various works and how they are made.

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Gustav & Ulla Kraitz

Gustav Kraitz, actually Gusztav Istvan Kraitz was born on March 30, 1926 in Miskolc, Hungary. Gustav Kraitz is a Swedish ceramicist and sculptor and often collaborates with his wife, the artist Ulla Kraitz.

Gustav Kraitz grew up in Miskolc, Hungary. In 1943 he won a drawing competition as a high school student and the following year he started at the Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest. When the Soviet army invaded Budapest, Kraitz was arrested like thousands of others in January 1945 and taken to penal labor in the coal mines. The only reason was that he had studied at the State Academy of Arts in Nazi-stalled Hungary. In the coal mines he was forced to shovel seven tons of coal per day for just over four years; some escape attempts were punished with torture. Of 3000 prisoners, he was one of the few who survived. In 1949 he was released and was able to complete his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts 1949–1952, now focusing on sculpture. When Soviet troops invaded Hungary again in 1956, he fled via Austria and finally came by boat to Sweden, where he was recommended by his Hungarian art professor to seek out an artist in Stockholm.

In 1960 he met the artist Ulla Stenqvist. They married the following year and have since worked together and separately. After initially focusing on ceramic utensils, they gradually began to move to a more free artistic form. He has experimented with a Chinese glaze technique with a hot wood-fired oven dating from Chinese Ming and Sung, which he further developed after 1956. In recent years, students from China have begun to travel to Sweden to learn more about this technique from the Kraitz couple. . In his work, he likes to combine ceramic parts of different geometric shapes in dynamic compositions.

The couple has lived outside Förslöv in Båstad municipality since 1968. Their children Cecilia Kraitz and Anna Kraitz have followed in their parents' footsteps and are artists in both ceramics and design.

Their work can be found in many places and is represented all over the world. The National Museum in Stockholm, the National Museum in Budapest, the Modern Museum in Stockholm, Malmö Art Museum are some places you can check out his work. If you are in Båstad, you can go to the Dahlman site and see the sculpture "Birgit" or to the Astrakanen to see the sculpture "Two apples".

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Hans Ripa

Hans Arvid Ripa was born on September 14, 1912 in Höör, located in Skåne, and died in 2001. Ripa was a Swedish artist, painter, illustrator and theater decorator. 

He was the son of the director Herman Ripa and Holda Hanson and married for the first time the author Gunlög Bülow-Hübe and the second time with the actress Margaregha Boije af Gennäs.

Ripa studied at the Skåne Painting School in Malmö between 1928 and 1929. In 1930 he studied in Leipzig and Dresden. After this he studied at Maison Watteau in 1934 and at the Académie Colarossi in 1935. Ripa also studied at the Danish Academy of Fine Arts under Aksel Jørgensen. From 1942 to 1950, Ripa worked with theater decorations in Stockholm and Malmö. He also worked with decorations for various folk park tours. 

Hans Ripa's art consists of drawings, still lifes and landscape motifs from Scania and Southern Europe in oil. Ripa made study trips in Germany, France, Southern Europe and also around Skåne. Sometimes he also found inspiration in Båstad and on the Bjäre Peninsula for his paintings with landscape motifs and different interpretations. 

As an illustrator, he has, among other things, illustrated Margareta Suber's travelogues. He was one of the initiators of the formation of the Scanian artist group Blandningen in 1938. 

Ripa is represented at Landskrona museum, Tomelilla museum and Simrishamn museum. 

Jill Ekberg works with stoneware and raku. In stoneware, Jill often works with large curled shapes but also with traditionally turned shapes. Many of Jill's works are decorated with echoes, leaves, etc. in a graphic layout on the surface.  

Ulf Ekberg works with sculpture in various materials such as stoneware, porcelain, wood and metal. He also works with different types of image such as acrylic paintings, drawings, collage, photography and digital image. Many of his works are based on a kind of existential thought.


Jill and Ulf Ekberg have a joint studio, sculpture and ceramic garden. Here you can see paintings, sculpture, stoneware, raku etc. The garden is created with ceramic and sculptural elements in symbiosis with the vegetation. In the studios you can see what the workrooms look like and there is also a permanent exhibition in the connecting glass house.


More information is available on the website.


Visiting address: Vejbyslätts bygata 57, Vejbyslätt


E-mail: or "

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Johan Lotand

Johan Lotand, born and raised in Stockholm, began, already during school time, his career as a cartoonist, or cartoonist as they say in pure peasant Swedish. Most of the newspapers, which had their editorial offices in the capital, were his customers. At that time there were no personal computers, so with the bag in his hand he had to make personal visits to all image editors. Sometimes they bought his drawings and other times they did not. It depended on whether the town's other jokers had time before or not! The drawing has later been replaced with colorful art exhibited in Sweden and Paris. The goal has always been to entertain! Make people feel good! After an unplanned day of moving to Båstad, he learned to love the small village, its inhabitants and visitors. Now, after four decades in place, he has made lots of pictures under the heading: "Happy art from Båstad" which has spread across the country, to our neighboring countries, down in Europe, and to Russia, Japan and the United States.

Johan Lotand regularly has an exhibition in his home at Agardhsgatan 49 in Båstad. Otherwise, it is easiest to reach him via his website bå

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Ola Sarri

Ola is a full-time artist with living and studio outside Axelstorp in Sinarpsdalen. He paints figuratively in oil and has been in most exhibitions. This summer he has two separate exhibitions at galleries in Ystad and Karlstad respectively. 

Ola Sarri (b. 1980) is a largely self-taught portrait artist, who usually works with assignments for private collections and organizations. His work has also been seen in group, law and solo exhibitions in Sweden. ”- National Portrait Gallery, London

From the summer of 2019, Ola had the great honor of participating in the BP Portrait Award. As the National Portrait Gallery proudly states in its press release: "After 30 years, the BP Portrait Award still remains the most prestigious portrait painting competition in the world and represents the very best in contemporary practice." After two rounds of numbness, Ola was chosen as one of 44 exhibitors from a total of 2538 applicants from 84 countries.

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Sven Lingardsz

Sven Lingardsz was born in 1944 in Ljungby and is now active in Hov, which is located by Båstad. He previously worked in the United States, Switzerland and Austria.

In his art, Sven Lingardsz works with a tradition-based painting, often within a symbolist and unreal-surreal reference system, in resin oil technology, mostly on wooden panels, but also graphics - preferably stone prints - and objects. The world of images primarily depicts human deeds and interpersonal relationships, as well as interpretations of, for example, sayings or different values.

Lindgardsz is represented at Malmö Museum, Swedish Parliament, in many municipal collections, he has received several scholarships, participated in radio and television. Sven Lingardsz has exhibitions in galleries, art galleries, museums, fairs, companies and also internationally.

His paintings can be seen in the exhibition hall located in Sven Lingardsz's studio in the enclosed half-timbered yard outside Hov, Båstad. There he also gives lectures on painting, printing techniques, the conditions of the artist and the art industry.

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Åke Corshammar

Åke Albin Gideon Corshammar was born on November 12 in Fredsberg outside Mariestad, died in 1974. Åke was the son of a farmer named CJ Carlsson and Charlotta Larsson. In 1947 he married Britta Ingegärd Hedström. 

During his early years, Corshammar studied at various painting schools in Berlin, Oldenburg and in Paris. Between 1927 and 1930 he studied for André Lhote in Paris, later he also continued to study at the Académie des Beaux-Arts in Paris. 

Corshammar's art consists mainly of portraits, marines, model study owners, Italian savages and landscapes in various techniques. Maybe it was his interest in painting beautiful landscapes that drew him to Båstad and the Bjäre Peninsula. Among some of his paintings, one can find Hovs Hallar, Torekov and Båstad depicted. 

Åke Corshammar was also for a period employed as a drawing teacher at Båstads high school. He also carried out various summer exhibitions in Båstadrtakten and has participated in group exhibitions in several places in Sweden.

Pär Siegård

Pär Siegård was a Swedish artist who became known for his expressionist woodcuts, graphics, still lifes and monumental paintings. Pär Siegård's art consists of landscape paintings from Hallandsåsen, religious and mythological motifs.

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