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Cyclists Old Banvallen

Delled 102, Båstad-Ystad. This section breaks the myth that Scania is flat, here you trample over Hallandsåsen and Scania's highest point, among other things.



World-class cycling, fantastic food experiences, beautiful views and a scent of sea and beach.


Mountain bike on the beach Båstad Hovs Hallar

Mountain bike trail between Båstad's beach forests and Hökafältet in Laholm.

Karsefors and Rössjön, 124 km

Road cyclists on the Bjäre Peninsula Båstad

Combine the Halland hinterland with the Skåne coast! And power plant with lake and sea! This tour offers you Laholm's countryside, the dramatic Karsefors power plant and the cycling center Våxtorp. You cycle through historic snappahane settlements in Stavershult and along the shore of Lake Rössjön. The round goes along the southern slope of Hallandsåsen out onto the Bjäre peninsula and via beautiful Häljarp for breathtaking sea views in […]

The Challenge, 89 km

Road cyclists on the Bjäre Peninsula Båstad

This is a real challenge with eight tough climbs on Hallandsåsen. But also many wonderful views and beautiful environments. 

Along Hallandsåsen 78 km

Road cyclists along the sea on the Bjäre Peninsula.

This fantastic tour offers, among other things, magical Magnarp beach, cozy Gånarp and charming Grevie.