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There are several hotels and guesthouses on the Bjärerhalvön. Hotels with accommodation in the center, hotels with SPA, hotels with which are excellent for conferences. Hotel where you can enjoy yourself during a weekend. Come to Båstad and Torekov and enjoy yourself in a hotel. 

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Båstad is the place where the conference will be something very special.
Right by the beach in Båstad is Hotel Skansen, a spa hotel that has attracted bathers to...
In between the Bjäre Peninsula and the Kulla Peninsula, we have created an oasis, easily accessible for you. At our ho...
The hotel is located by the beautiful and popular Hallandsåsen. We have 7 rooms, one of which is a suite and one b...
Welcome to Åkagårdens Lodge! Live in your own house in the middle of the golf course. Scenic location in southern sw...

More accommodation

The beach guesthouse

Strandpensionatet is a small hotel in the heart of Skummeslövsstrand and is the obvious choice when you want to live close to the sea. The rooms are bright, fresh and spacious with a personal decor and everyone breathes peace, harmony and well-being.

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Neptune Guest House

With us, it should be easy to breathe, easy to live 

Pensionat Neptun has been operating as a guesthouse since the house was built in 1909. Since 2014, the entire house has been carefully renovated to bring out the house's former glory and create a unique accommodation with personality and charm where no room is the same.

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Ramsjögård Hotel

With us, you live in a completely newly renovated stable that today has five modern, but rustic, rooms. In season, it is possible to follow the potato picker and be involved in picking a few rows.

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