From raw material to sustainable mountain bike destination

Just before Christmas, we at Båstad Turism och Näringsliv were reached by the positive message from the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth that our application had been accepted as one of the few in all of Sweden. The reason was that the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth sees great potential in Hallandsåsen as a cycling destination.

- We see a great demand for building separate mountain bike trails both among cyclists and other recreational athletes. The interest in mountain biking and being active outdoors in general has increased in recent years and to meet this need, special trails are needed. It is a sport that suits a broad target group and both residents and visitors will enjoy the trails, says Annika Borgelin, who will be the project manager from Båstad Turism och Näringsliv.

The project idea is to profile and develop the destination Hallandsåsen into a sustainable mountain bike destination and this project provides opportunities for a feasibility study with an inventory of areas and work plans for both trails and so-called bikepoints.
- We will also arrange a "path building school" so everyone who wants to get involved can learn to build sustainable paths.
Together with road cycling and "leisure cycling", which we are already strong in, we strengthen the conditions for the destination to become "top of mind" in the active lifestyle, Borgelin concludes.

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