Film destination Bjärehalvön

The exciting environment and light on the Bjäre Peninsula is perhaps what has inspired many filmmakers to choose filming locations right here. 

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The actress Greta Garbo often visited Båstad and her friends Kerstin and Carl-Johan Bernadotte in villa Kungsberga up on Hallandsåsen. Here the view is magical.


Morgonbryggan in Torekov was filmed in 2017 when the film Solsidan was shot. Just outside Torekov, director Jens Assur chose the filming location for the film "The Ravens" in 2016


Richard Gere visited Sweden and the Bjäre Peninsula in 1995. He was told about a cottage near the sea in Kattvik that he could rent through an acquaintance. This would be "the best place on earth" The rest is history.


The Swedish film producer Lars Jönsson is descended from Grevie. He has produced several successful films since the 1990s, including Änglagård, Fucking Åmål and Masdjävlar.

Hovs Hallar

The nature reserve with magical light and surroundings, dramatic rock formations and the sound of the waves' noise. Ingmar Bergman recorded the scene where death plays chess against the knight on the beach.

Hallands Väderö

Here, parts of Ronja Rövardotter were recorded in Söndre Skog in 1984. The scene where Ronja and Birk meet out in the forest where the ground is covered with flowering white anemones is precisely the result of this recording.


Here, the film Avalon with Johannes Brost in the lead role has partly been shot. Bo Wiederberg's creator of the "Little Film Festival" is buried in Båstad cemetery.

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