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The beautiful life in Båstad

What would Båstad be without a party, mingling, drinks, champagne and tasty food? Ever since the turn of the century, people seeking pleasure in life have visited the Bjäre Peninsula. A phenomenon that still persists today and is an important part of describing the atmosphere in our area. Here, the down-to-earth meets rarely seen extravagance and finesse. The shape changes considerably during the summer and the community flourishes to the full, the mingling parties, after-beach and late nightclub nights take turns. During balmy evenings, well-dressed people stream freely through the ports of both Båstad & Torekov. The air is filled with tasteful tones from perfumes, hints of grilled and fragrant food.

Couple dancing has really got a boost, on the Bjäre Peninsula, Sweden's largest dance band during the year plays as Lasse Stefanz and Perikles to name a few. Grevieparken invests in many good bands during the year. The summer is gilded in the best way with the event Sommarkväll at Norrviken where a cavalcade of really good dance bands participate, including Barbados and Arvingarna.

The mythical Tennis Week, which has now become two, can be seen as the culmination of this summer's festivity. Over 2 bottles of champagne are served at Pepe's Bodega alone during a Tennis Week and over 000 guests are served. In the stands during the actual tennis tournament Nordea (Swedish) Open, utility is often combined with pleasure and many business deals are made.

One of our most important events, Summer On, attracted as many as 16 people last year and tickets are expected to be sold out quickly during this year's edition. There is nothing wrong with the artists who perform either. This year's edition includes Veronica Maggio, Jireel, Benjamin Ingrosso and many more. An event you do not want to miss.

Upcoming festivities! 😍😘😎

Summer On 2023

Fest à la Bjärehalvön
La belle vie à Båstad


Summer On is a festival that is organized for two days on the beach in Båstad. Where artists...


16 Jun

The wedding carnival

Fest à la Bjärehalvön
La belle vie à Båstad


The area at the sports ground opens at 12.00 where there is a funfair and food. Carnival Train...


24 Jun


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