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Båstad and the Bjäre Peninsula offer many and exciting activities for the family. Great accommodation, hiking, fantastic beaches and a rich calendar of events.  



Quality time with family

On Bjärehlavön there is always a new place to discover and if you ask us, this is a really good place to spend quality time with the family. 

We take families very seriously. Quite seriously, you can probably say that we are southern Sweden's most childish hotel. Here is a whole pool house with fun for all ages. Generous rooms and suites with space for many. Ping pong table, soccer goal and billiards. Own menus for young taste buds. And ice cream machine, of course. During our family weeks, the Flamingo Club and Sportlandet are also running, with lots of activities, games, sports and challenges.

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No previous knowledge is required to go in Baddaren (Recommended age approx. 3-4 years)
The group is suitable as the first contact with the water. We practice getting used to water and relaxed in the water. We learn through play! To give the children extra security in the water, a parent must be in the pool as support. The goal is to be able to swim yourself and be alone in the water without your parents. In this group you can take the swimming marks Droppen and Doppingen

The octopus
To start in Bläckfisken, the child must be able to dip his whole head and be able to move freely in the water. (Recommended age approx. 4-6 years)
In this group, we continue to practice water habits and be relaxed in the water. We will practice floating and start swimming our first swims. We follow the Swedish Lifesaving Society's recommendations and teach breaststroke as the first way to swim. We will also try backstroke. The goal is for the children to find the right water level in the floating moment and know the basics of breaststroke. In this group you can take the swimming marks Doppingen, Silvergrodan, Krabban blå and Krabban rød.

The penguin
To walk in the Penguin, the child must have water skills, be able to float for a short time and know the basics of breaststroke.
(Recommended age about 5-7 years)
We continue to practice breaststroke. We learn the basics of backstroke. The goal is to be able to swim 10 meters breaststroke and to become even safer in the water. In this group you can take the swimming marks Guldgrodan, Frog back blue, Frog back green.
NOTE! On Thursday in week 2, the swimming school lessons for the Penguin group will be located in Båstad at Malenbadet for training in water habits in deep water. The lesson starts at 13.00 and it is a double lesson, which means that Friday's lesson in week 1 is missed. Parents are responsible for the children coming to and from Malenbadet. 

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Open every day 10-17!

Now we have the cutest baby rabbits in the world. Welcome!
We have created a large "paddock" with different kinds of animals; mini pigs, dwarf goats, sheep & lambs, chickens & chickens, rabbits. They all live in their own little red cottages with white knots. Pat, feed and cuddle with them as much as you want. On the farm there are also cats & sometimes kittens. We have a playground for play & noise, our own round of tips, play chess with the goats, walk on stilts, jump pasture, join our word hunt, ride our nice "wooden horses", when it is dark you can look for reflexes (bu)… . Yes here you can actually spend a whole day ……

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Flip'n Fun Wakepark is a new destination, with an exciting, fast-paced water adventure for the whole family, where you can learn to wakeboard and water ski without a boat! 

We (Maria and Henning) are passionate about wakeboarding and want to share the joy it gives us to others. We want to give more people an opportunity to discover a fun and meaningful activity in their free time. 

Flip'n Fun Wakepark will be a destination like a ski resort, where the family can spend the whole day together. There will be a café, restaurant and also other activities. 

The park will be located in Skummeslövsstrand, next to the motorway and is expected to open in 2023. 

Right now available on social media, so feel free to follow us there. 


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KITEKALLE Båstad is the business that offers courses and rental of outdoor activities in several places in Båstad, Torekov and Laholm. Stand up paddle is an activity that most people can try, definitely more than once, and therefore we want to give you the opportunity to explore different environments and water in our different places.

In addition to SUP, you can take a course in kitesurfing or wave surfing. At Kalkan (Lake Öresjön) you are warmly welcome to try an SUP yoga session or let your child paddle with other children during the summer children's SUP.

If you are planning for a bachelor party / bachelor party, a company event or an activity for the school class / sports association, we have guaranteed something to offer. Our vision is always to match the customer's wishes and therefore we are happy to tailor an experience to all specific wishes.


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Saker to make for: 

Pat, feed and cuddle with mini pigs, dwarf goats, lambs, chickens and rabbits.

The best playground in Båstad, a stone's throw from the harbor and the beach.

Enjoy movies together at the Scala cinema in Båstad.

Available at Malen, Båstad Camping or Äventyrsgolfen in Torekov.

Xbowl, at the entrance to Båstad

A favorite for skaters and bmxers of all ages.

Heated outdoor saltwater pools.

The summer toboggan run at Kungsbygget winds 935 fast meters down through forest and land.

60 meters drop in a 640 meter cable car.

Discover the exciting world of the railway.

Museum and flight simulator.

Torekov Art Center organizes art courses for children
where you get to try out different techniques.

In Malenskogen in Båstad and Förslövsskogen in Förslöv there is a marked path that teaches children how to do if you get lost.

Available for rent at Spirit Event in Båstad harbor . Both for younger as well as older people who want to exercise and try a fun, different and health-promoting sport in fantastic environments.

Norrvikens trägårdar - An adventure with music, treasure hunting and the occasional mischief seed.

Downhill skiing in winter and downhill biking in summer.

Care of Sport organizes camps with lots of exercise activities for ages 6-14.

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