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Country road, leisure cycling, mountain bike or downhill in a Bikepark – Båstad & Bjäre Peninsula can give you an unforgettable cycling experience regardless. With varied nature, endless views that will take your breath away and picturesque roads interspersed with serious downhill challenges. In addition, it is never far from a cafe, lunch restaurant or service.

Here it is easy to be a cyclist and we extend a warm welcome to you! 

Cyclists from Ablocc cycling camp in Båstad.
Road cyclists on the Bjäre Peninsula Båstad

Road cycling

Winding country roads through picturesque villages, open landscapes, crisp forests and sea on all sides and edges.

Mountain bike

Exciting coastal forest and paths on Hallandsåsen interspersed with paths & tracks such as the Buktenleden and the track at Hålehallstugan.

Kattegatleden cycle Båstad Bjärehalvön

Leisure cycling

Enjoy the Bjärehalvön's fantastic nature at your own pace. The Kattegattleden, Cykelleden Skåne and Bjärebanvall offer scenic cycling for the whole family.

Bike parks

Vallåsen Bikepark and Kungsbygget's Adventure Park give you great downhill cycling, flowy mountain bike courses and pump tracks for the whole family.

We love cyclists!

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Here we have uploaded scenic hiking and cycling maps that are free for you to download and navigate our beautiful trails using.

You can also rate them yourself and upload your own photos when you've tried a hike. 

The easiest way is to download the Wikiloc app. You can access the map and information about the trails without logging in. To download GPX files, login is required. 

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Cycle members Skåne

Delled 102, Båstad-Ystad. This section breaks the myth that Scania is flat, here you trample over Hallandsåsen and Scania's highest point, among other things.


World-class cycling, fantastic food experiences, beautiful views and a scent of sea and beach.


Mountain bike trail between Båstad's beach forests and Hökafältet in Laholm.

Hallandsåsen and Kullaberg, 153 km

A ridge and a mountain – two peninsulas! A unique round that offers many magical cycling experiences. 

Karsefors and Rössjön, 124 km

Combine the Halland hinterland with the Scanian coast! And power plants with lake and sea! This round invites you to Laholm's countryside, the dramatic Karsefors power plant and the Våxtorp cycle center. You cycle through historic snappahane settlements in Stavershult and along the shores of Lake Rössjön. The round goes along the south slope of Hallandsåsen out on the Bjäre Peninsula and via beautiful Häljarp for breathtaking sea views in Karstorp. What a round!

Hallandsåsen round, 104 km

All of Hallandsåsen! This is a round that offers the most! 

The Challenge, 89 km

This is a real challenge with eight tough climbs on Hallandsåsen. But also many wonderful views and beautiful environments. 

Magnarps beach and Kattvik, 85 km

This fantastic tour offers, among other things, magical Magnarp beach, cozy Gånarp and charming Grevie. 

Along Hallandsåsen 78 km

This fantastic tour offers, among other things, magical Magnarp beach, cozy Gånarp and charming Grevie. 

Bjärerund, 62 km

You get Båstad, Kattvik and Torekov – the three gems! 

River, ridge and sea, 44 km

This round takes you along Laholmsbukten's sandy beach to the foot of Hallandsåsen. 

Lilla Bjärerundan, 40 km

40 kilometers of pleasure cycling! Båstad, Kattvik and Torekov – the three gems! 

Sea and embankment, 19 km

Starting in Båstad, you take on the slopes of Hallandsåsen directly to enjoy the views.

Cycle the Kattegat trail

The Kattegat trail is divided into 8 stages. Cycle the entire trail or choose to cycle one stage at a time and take the train back.

Kungsbygget adventure park

Kungsbygget is beautifully located on Hallandsås with lovely forest areas and a fantastic view of Halland. Active experiences are offered here summer tobogganing, zipline, high altitude runway, climbing tower, cycling and bungy rocket.

Vallà ¥ sen Bikepark

If you love speed, adrenaline and community, you've come to the right place. At Vallåsen you will experience one of Sweden's best bike parks. Here you can be a professional, enthusiast, beginner, alone or the whole family.

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