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If you are looking for a broker and want to buy a house on the Bjäre Peninsula, then you have found the right place. Below we list the brokers we recommend when you want to sell or buy a home in Båstad or Torekov. 

in our wonderful area
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Bjurfors is one of Sweden's largest and oldest privately owned brokerage firms. Since the start in 1965, we have expanded to large parts of the country and conduct our business in the metropolitan regions as StockholmGothenburg and Malmo. We are also active in several other cities, and in a number of attractive leisure areas, both in Sweden and abroad.

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Bastad Garnito AB

Garnito is a solid property owner and personal landlord. The key words are sustainability and long-term, where we take care of our staff, our customers and properties. Welcome to stay with us!

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Real estate agency Båstad

On the Bjäre Peninsula, an exciting salt-sprinkled landscape opens up, where barren falling cliffs border on carefully cultivated soil. The colors, the shapes, the rolling landscape, here you are captivated!

With Fastighetsbyrån's broad network of contacts, we guarantee that your assignments will be carried out in the absolute best way. Personal commitment, tailored service and business acumen are important, and we have all the skills and knowledge needed to help you change homes.

The office has a goal of being at the forefront of development in terms of our know-how, and offers you as a seller by far the market's by far the best marketing and carefully selects channels for your home to be presented and reach out in an effective way.

If you have questions or concerns about buying or selling, you are welcome to contact us. Why not call Sweden's largest broker!

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Jakobsson's Bjäremäklaren

Ever since the start in 1934, Jakobssons has worked more for you as a customer than any other broker, all to be able to help you with the best deal of your life that both you and your buyer are happy with. Real estate is a craft and therefore we have no ready-made package solutions, instead we build the housing business from scratch and tailor based on the market and your own wishes. Our way of working is always permeated by high quality, knowledge and commitment. We work with the leading photographer, have an unusually broad advertising policy and a strong buyer register, nothing is left to chance. All this together indicates that you get paid more per square meter in a sale through us. Here you not only get a broker but you also get to share the entire company's knowledge, none of us are afraid to roll up our sleeves.

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Nadjafi & Kristensen Fastighetsförmedling

Today, NKFAST is by far the largest player in the Bjäre Peninsula's exclusive real estate market, with Båstad and Torekov as primary markets. Nadjafi & Kristensen have broken several price records and attracted attention with awards. In 2015 we received the Erik Paulsson scholarship as Entrepreneur of the Year at Bjäre and in 2017 we received a diploma as one of Sweden's 641 super companies from Veckans Affärer, for which we are very grateful. It is a journey that has been carefully planned, soaked and bumped along the way and which would not be possible if it were not for the wonderful commitment and competence that all our employees possess. Satisfied customers from completed transactions are our best ambassadors and we are most proud and happy about that.

We have now also opened an office in Ängelholm, where we are confident of being able to make a difference for customers who choose real estate agents. It is with great enthusiasm and joy that we crossed the ridge to Ängelholm where the journey continues…

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Villaföreningen Norra Båstad

Founded in 1964 with its registered office in Båstad municipality, its purpose and purpose is to safeguard the members' rights and interests in their community of owner and / or user of property within the Association's area of ​​activity. The association's area of ​​activity coincides with Hemmeslöv's and Eskilstorp's Road Association's area. The association's task is to bring an action against the authority's decision, if these harm or counteract the members' interests. The association must also work for order and well-being in the area.

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In 1942, our brokerage firm was started. My father Stig-Bertil ran the company for many successful years and became significant for Båstad's real estate market. 20 years ago, it was my and Ola's turn when we had the privilege of running this thriving family business. A business with a clear heritage and strong corporate culture that we have chosen to continue working with, at the same time as we renew and develop.

Our strength is our employees and since we work as a team where everyone contributes with their own specific skills, we can thus give you a flexible top-class brokerage service. We know Båstad as our own pocket as we both live and work here. Strong local roots and tradition provide knowledge and commitment.

Stigbertils Mälere is a proud, independent company, leading the way in Båstad and Bjare's real estate market. With respect and a big heart, we do what we like most - conveying houses and homes in Sweden's most beautiful field of work. We provide you with first-class and personal service and work for fast finishes at the best possible price. Welcome to us!


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