Bjäre railway embankment 14 km


The embankment is the name for the old railway track through Båstad municipality. On 13 December 2015, the Hallandsås tunnel opened for train traffic and thereafter, demolition of the railway track over Hallandsåsen between Båstad and Förslöv began. Today, only the embankment remains. The embankment, which stretches through a scenic area, was rebuilt between 2018 and 2020 into a walking, cycling and recreational route. The trail stretches between Båstad and Förslöv and passes Grevie and the beautiful Sinarpsdalen, among other places. The trail, which is 14 km, is excellent for cycling, hiking, horseback riding and similar forms of recreation. Most of the trail is paved, which makes it accessible for both wheelchairs and prams. In Grevie there is a toilet, the possibility to pump the bike and access to fresh water.



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